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Zorin OS – An Awesome Operating System

Introduction to Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a personal operating system. Zorin OS is basically a Linux based computer operating system. It is the only operating system that combines Windows and Mac interfaces at the same time. Zorin OS is a Linux distribution system. This operating system supports Wine through which Windows computer software can be used at the same time. It was first released in 2009 and its last varsity release was in 2020. This operating system is built with Uncomplicated Firewall.

Some information regarding Zorin OS:

  • Developer Zorin Group: Zorin Group
  • Established: C, C+, Python, D
  • Operating System Group: Linux
  • First release: 2009
  • Latest Release : 2020
  • Target Market: Personal Computers
  • Language : 50+
  • Platform : x86_64, i686
  • License: Free license
  • Zorin OS Installation

Zorin OS will be the best solution for the section of users who were disappointed when the once popular Windows, Windows 7 was discontinued . Installing Zorin OS is fairly easy. At least not as hard as installing Linux. It’s as easy as installing Ubuntu.

Zorin OS installation has some advantages

  • This Zorin OS installation comes with some benefits that you need to know.
  • Third party drivers and code can be used.
  • Developers can be contacted directly.
  • LVM is supported
  • Zorin OS first look
  • It turns on with a nice boot screen that looks a lot like an unofficial Android ROM.

Like Ubuntu there is accessibility option here. Like you will find here, High contrast, Zoom Large Text, Screen Reader, screen keyboard, Visual Alerts, sticky keys, mouse keys etc.

Its log screen looks professional quality with no extra glitches I noticed. If you enter the password, the desktop will open

Zorin OS look and customization

As soon as Zorin OS turns on, it takes you to its beautiful desktop. There are no extra shortcuts, you will get a clear screen. There will be a wallpaper and a toolbar.

If they have any official update it will show through pop up after some time. If you want, you can install it now or you can give Remind me later.

Check that the update is complete.

Let’s click on Clock from the toolbar. Here you can see the notification showing as well as the calendar. Along with this Zorin OS calendar, you will also get world clock and weather forecast.

  • You can easily edit your photo by going to user options.
  • If you don’t like the default software of Zorin OS, you can easily change it by going to Default Applications.
  • You can customize your Zorin OS by going to their Apperence.

Zorin OS programs and features

Zorin OS has three desktop layouts you can use any one you like.

You can schedule ancient color, background and night mode if you want by going to Themes.

A nice feature of Zorin OS is that you can set its dark theme as well as schedule it to be the light version during the day and night mode at night.

Zorin OS often offers various extra software downloads such as various language updates.

Another feature of this is that you can connect to popular social media through which you will get all the updates at one place. For example,

  • Google
  • Nextcloud
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Flickr
  • Pocket
  • Foursquare
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Todoist
  • IMAP and SMTP

Enterprise Login (Kerberos)

There is a build in sharing app for your screen share or remote desktop control. It’s more versatile than Windows Remote Desktop and it won’t force you to buy a software license.

You will get additional settings through which you can change the settings of the display such as Orientation, Resolution, Refresh Rate, etc.

The software that you will get built in here are,

  • Firefox
  • Files (file manager)
  • Libre Office (office suite)
  • gEdit (text editor)
  • Brasero (optical media writing)
  • GIMP (image manipulation)
  • Pitivi (media editing)
  • Rhythmbox (music player)
  • Videos (media player)
  • Calendar
  • To Do (task management)
  • Deja Dup (backup tool)
  • Disk Usage Analyzer (storage analysis)
  • Zorin Connect (Phone sync & remote functionality)

There are no restrictions on their software, you can use it as you wish.

Why use Zorin OS?

So far you have got an idea about this operating system from the review so far let’s know why to use this operating system or some of its benefits.

To get a taste of Windows
The interface is very similar to Windows and through this you can use Windows software at the same time. It is a means of introducing Windows users to Linux. It is much like Windows 7 which has two versions 32 and 64 bit.

Get back to Windows XP
It will remind you of the once popular operating system Windows XP. With its look changer you can make your desktop look like XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X.

Mac-like interface
It has a very easy to change interface and is made with Mac design so it will be a great choice for Mac users.

Get Microsoft office
As soon as it is installed, users will get pre-installed Microsoft office and browser.

Thousands of free software
There are thousands of free software available for you. Through which you can install the desired software by going to the start menu.

Some popular games
You will find some popular default games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, Sudoku, a Tetris-like game, Mah-jong etc.

Some Disadvantages of Zorin OS:

Now let’s know some disadvantages of Zorin OS .

  • Like the rest of the Linux operating systems, you may encounter driver problems now and then.
  • For those who are used to using Windows, it may seem complicated at first because it is built on coding.
  • Although Windows software can be used, there will be bugs in some cases.
  • This operating system is not suitable for game lovers.
  • Not suitable for those thinking about graphic design.
  • The operating system is still open for personal use, commercial use will require a license.

Last word:

I think this operating system will be good for those who miss the earlier versions of Windows and will use the computer for personal work. Through this, you will get the feel of Windows at the same time and the benefit will be that you will get an experience of using Linux. After a few days of use, you might even get a bit of an idea of ​​coding.


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