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How to Access Dark Web on iPhone?

Many of us are curious about the dark web. And it is from this curiosity that we naturally think about accessing. Like everyone else, do you want to access the dark web from your iPhone?

Accessing the dark web may seem complicated to you. But if you use some right tools, accessing the dark web is very easy. For this you only need a Virtual Private Network, Onion Browser, Dark website website link.

In today’s tune I will show you the process of accessing dark web from iPhone. You can also access the dark web from the iPad in the same manner. However, before going into the detailed tutorial of today’s tune, let’s once again know what is the dark web and what is actually inside it?

What is the dark web or deep web?

There are many people who think dark web and deep web and are confused about it. So it is important for us to know about these two webs.

Deep web is basically considered as a section of internet and this part of internet is more used. Deepweb is basically a hidden web, which is not seen by normal search engines. The content on this web is not indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. The deep web includes data stored on our Google Drive, private photos and emails tuned to Facebook, etc.

Dark web on the other hand is referred to as a subdivision of Deep web. Unlike content on the Deep Web, the content of these sites is not indexed and can only be accessed using a special type of browser.

Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web

Accessibility: To get access to any content included in Deep Web, URL of that website is required and Login details are required to access it. On the other hand, accessing the dark web requires the URL of that website and a special type of browser.

Search Engine Friendliness: Content included in the deep web is generally not displayed in search engines. Accessing them requires visiting the main website and logging in. On the other hand, the content included in the dark web is not displayed at all in normal search engines.

Cross browser capabilities: Deep web content can be accessed using any browser. But, dark web content can only be accessed using special browsers like Tor.

Example: Gmail mail, Facebook inbox message, Google Drive data are examples of deep web. And, Tor exclusive email service, Darknet market are examples of dark web.

Is the dark web safe on iPhone?

However, accessing the dark web is not an important task, and it is much less secure. Because there are several dangerous places in the dark web, where a user can face harm. There are some risks in the dark web that you should always be aware of while browsing the dark web. Now we will know about some possible risks that take place on the dark web.


You will come across a number of sites on the dark web that will offer you tempting offers of cryptocurrency for free or at a very low price. If you see one of the offers here and accept it as true and get involved, you could face huge financial losses. Another risk factor here is that it is very difficult to detect scams on the dark web. Because, we can find out about a website as part of a search on Google, which is not possible in the case of the dark web. You cannot find out if a particular website on the dark web is involved in phishing and other scams.

Most of the dark websites are mainly made up of old user interface and only a few of the websites will tell you that they are doing legitimate business. So by looking at the user interface of every website on the dark web, you cannot consider them as genuine or scam sites. You can’t even tell if a site is fake by looking at the URL. Because, the URLs of every website included in the dark web are different compared to the URLs of our daily used websites. All the websites that are listed on the dark web, the URLs of those websites have different numbers and characters.

However, if you somehow end up on the dark web from your website, never click on suspicious links to protect yourself from malware, phishing attacks, and spam. Also, it is very difficult to search for a specific website on the dark web. Hence, it is important to know the URL of that website for certain tasks of dark web.


A botnet is a network of Internet-connected devices, usually infected with malware without the knowledge of their owners. Attackers in control of botnets can exploit devices for DDOS attacks, spreading viruses or stealing personal information.

If a botnet is operating on the dark web, it is unlikely to be detected or acted upon. There are actually some hackers who rent or sell their botnets. For a substantial amount of money, anyone can gain control of a vast network of these infected devices from the dark web.

Pirated content

Just like the surface web we use, the dark web also contains pirated content of many games, movies, software, TV shows and more. We can easily download any pirated content by searching Google or other search engines using Surface Web; Similarly on the dark web this is done to a greater extent.

If you are considering downloading such content from the dark web, you should be aware of the laws of that country. If you unknowingly download and use something that is against the laws of your country, you may be in danger later on. And to be safe I would advise you not to download anything from dark web. Because here you can download dangerous malware on your PC without your knowledge.

Illegal pornography

There are many such illegal porn sites on the dark web, which contain many prohibited content. If you accidentally download or watch videos from these websites, you may be breaking the laws of your country; Which will put you in danger later.

Before you click on any site on the dark web, don’t forget to look at the site description in the link directory; That can give you an idea of ​​the content of that link. You should definitely avoid downloading any videos from such sites, as they may be infected with malware.

How to secure the dark web on iPhone?

Your networks are the safest way to access the dark web. For added security, you should first connect a VPN to your device and then use the Tor browser. Many countries’ governments and Internet service providers may block the use of Tor. And if you use a VPN, it will hide your online activities and not reveal your identity. And so, using a VPN is an additional strategy when using Tor Browser.

Step 1: Connect to a VPN

If you want to access the dark web, you can hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection with a VPN. A VPN and Tor are not the same thing, although they will both provide you with an encrypted connection. Regardless of the Tor network you’re using, a VPN will prevent your ISP and others from finding out.

If you browse the Internet using the Tor browser, this network will route that traffic through various servers and bring you back to your computer. In this case, your computer’s address will never appear as the source of Internet traffic in transit. On the other hand, a VPN will encrypt your connection first and not let your ISP know the source of your internet traffic.

Step 2: Download and install Onion Browser

Tor Browser is one of the most popular ways to access the dark web, but it is not supported for iOS devices. But, while Tor Browser is not convenient for iOS users, there is Onion Browser as an alternative; which routes your traffic through the Tor network. Download this browser from Onion browser official site to avoid the risk of malware.

Step 3: Browse the dark web

Onion Browser allows you to view .onion domains on the dark web on your iPhone. Since most of the content on the dark web is unregulated, you should never access hidden websites without verifying the legitimacy of a website. Dark web websites are inherently risky. And if you do any activity on a website without knowing about it, your cyber risk increases.

Step 4: Protect your identity

Although the dark web is not always dangerous, it is an ideal place for scams and other threats. If you purchase anything using the Dark Web, you must use an Anonymous and Encrypted email address when purchasing or communicating on the Dark Web. And transactions must be paid through cryptocurrency, keeping you anonymous on the dark web.

And as part of being extra safe, you can install security software like antivirus before accessing the dark web, which will help you secure your device.

last word

As you are now convinced from the above discussion, how to access dark web safely on iPhone, you can access this part of the internet from now on. However, you must follow the above methods while using dark web on iPhone. Anyway, today’s tune ends here. If you have any comments about the tune, you must tune it.


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